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Experience Colombia

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Coffee Experiences
At HDA Coffee, we curate extraordinary trips that allow you and your loved ones to dive deep into the world of Colombian coffee.

Extraction Factors

Learn about traditional and non-traditional coffee preparation methods with the finest Colombian coffees. From French…

Conscious and Traceable Roasting

Roasting is the magic that makes enjoying a cup of coffee possible. The process involves…

Agronomy Impact on Flavor Profiles

There are many Agronomic factors that play into the taste profile of each coffee. The…

Roasting, Extraction & Agronomy

Delve into the agronomic factors influencing flavor profiles, experience the art of conscious and traceable…

Master in Coffee

Embark on a five-day coffee immersion journey with us! From exploring specialty coffee farms and…

Experience Stays

Experience Stays

Magical places in Colombia
Discover the wonderful hotels with all the coffee tradition in Colombia

La Herencia (Groups)

La Herencia Hotel - Guest Houses a place full of…

Starting at $640.00/night

Bio Habitat (Couples)

Starting at $250.00/night

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