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Method Pour fine ground coffee into the portafilter, distribute evenly and firmly tamp. Gently insert the portafilter in the machine, brew and enjoy!
Ratio 1:2 (Coffee to Water)
Grind Fine
Temperature 195-205°F (90-96°C)
Brew time 25-30 seconds


Espresso, a crafted symphony in a cup, unfolds as precision meets grind. The dance of pressurized waters reveals a concentrated essence, a small and intense revelation crowned by a silky crema—a poetic pause for the senses.



  1. Grind coffee

    Grind 18g of coffee to a fine consistency resembling table salt.

  2. Pour into the Portafilter

    Place a bed of coffee inside the portafilter. Distribute evenly.

  3. Tamp
    Tamp the coffee evenly, and be careful not to tilt the tamp.
  4. Place Portafilter
    Carefully place the portafilter in your machine.
  5. Brew

    Brew coffee for 25-30 seconds until it reaches 2x-2.5x the weight used of coffee.

  6. Clean and Enjoy!

    Clean the portafilter and rinse out the machine. If you take care of your machine, it'll take care of you. Enjoy!


Tip: If the coffee doesn't brew a second or two after turning on, you've probably ground to fine. If the brew is too quick, the opposite is true. Your grind is too coarse, so check.

Prep Time 1 1 mins Total Time 1 min
Difficulty: Beginner


Espresso Machine



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